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Empowered by The Family

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 The Most Caring Program for Women 

 to Start Their Online Business 

 Next one in April 2020

(April 4, 11, 18, 25 and 26) 


optional payment in two parts available till Mars 30! 

Join The Movement

Goldup is made by feminist entrepreneurs,
for women willing to build profitable, sustainable and fulfilling online businesses.

The program goes through the first steps of
kickstarting an online business, right up to sales.

You'll grab the keys & benefit from real support
to learn how to sell products online, independently.

with your drive


 Break barriers 

Don't fall in love with your idea, let's play a game: launch a business selling something you didn't create. Once you get the "how", you'll feel more comfortable with your own idea. 


 Test & learn 

How to bootstrap your sales and master at Instagram? How to use Facebook ads? It's time to get your hands dirty! 


 Steps & distress 

Let's be honest, i's not the most fun part, but once you've been through it, you are no longer afraid, and that is essential ;p  


 Hacks & tools 

Automate and delegate. Best practices, tips & tricks to grow online.


 Shine Bright 

Now is your time to grab the mic. Learn how to pitch and sell like a star.

your magic

If you don't
like the program,
you get your money back! 

 What's the deal? 







 TICKET ............... 


 Meet our Goldmothers 

Open to share their experience & happy to help!

 Cofounder @ Epicery 

 Jade Francine 

 Cofounder @ WeMaintain 

"Ambition is something I've learned. I see how important it is to gain self-confidence, it's a day-to-day effort and that's the thing I'd like to share with you."

 Shanty  Baehrel 

 Founder @ Shanty Biscuits 

"Keep your sense of humour!
I've been making biscuits for so long now, if I'm still passionate, it's because I have fun."

 Mélissa Artis 

 Cofounder @ Waekura 

"I started selling jewels online when I was 20. I knew nothing, not even that I was "an entrepreneur". I wish I'd had been surrounded by a community of peers like Goldup."


 Elsa Hermal 

"I hope you're ready to get shit done ;) "

 Ophélie Duvillard 

 Cofounder @ Way2Up 

"I've been an "influencer" since I was a teenager. As I love freedom, I became an entrepreneur: I created Way2up to help influencers and brands build smart collaborations.
My secret is simple: I'm better an Oops than a what if...!"

 Claudette Lovencin 

 Cofounder @ Fempo 

"Helping women has always been a passion of mine. From working at a NGO in Canada to helping women today through FEMPO. When I decided to go back to school I didn’t imagine it would lead me to running my own business and pursuing a new dream. I am honoured to help you become an entrepreneur !"

 Alexandra Rapaport 

 Cofounder @ La Pelucherie 

"Sisterhood ? That's my thing! With my sister we decided to quit our jobs to run the business of our grandmother. This switch hasn't been easy at all: going from offline to online, from employees to entrepreneurs...  but I wouldn't do anything else!"

 Beatrice Moulin 

 Emna Everard 

 Cofounder @ Kazidomi 

"I've been building my own startup right after school, actually, even while I was a student. The one thing that was important to me: being profitable since day 1. I'm willing to let you know how!"

 Cofounder @ Switch Collective 

"May you decide entrepreneurship is made for you or not, daring to jump is about listening to you first, for once. Let's switch!"

 Our partners 

Fully committed to boost the goldies!

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That's what she says


For 5 weeks, it's been a pleasure to wake up early on Saturday morning!


Goldup allows us, every woman, to become someone big, ambitious but always good!


Each of us had something to bring to another, each of us with our strengths and weaknesses but all with the same goal : learn and succeed by mutual aid.

No judgement, only listening, practicing, meeting, helping, growing and of course having fun: true sorority in a word.

Laura, Founder of CLAP

Goldie from Paris

The tips were very useful!
Jeddi rocks, a cool-and-not-freaky geek 🙂

So good to know that you can save so much time by using the right tools.⏰

The food was perfectly good, tasty, healthy and beautiful. Who’s the Chef ? 🍉

We could create our shopify for real and Kélian was here to answer all our questions and help us one by one. 🤓

Concrete, clear and perfect to test and learn!👌🏿

Powerfull and awesome!✨

Fantastic, eyes-wide opening, inspiring and instructive sessions! A unique chance!
Many thanks for this opportunity! 💜

It was so good! Thank you for what you're doing, you are really inspiring and reassuring, because you are real 💎

Everybody makes you feel at ease 💋

There is no such thing
as a stupid question 
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