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"We've been through this"

Lubomila Jordanova

 Founder @ Plan A 

I am the founder of Plan A, the first action platform in the fight against climate change. My superpower is my sense of humour. No other power has the capacity to get you out, help you keep going and respond with a laugh to any challenge ;)

Margaux Alliamus

Founder @ Femtech

I'm a serial entrepreneur and feminist. I founded the FemTech Initiatives, a global platform to promote female-centric innovation. I'm also currently CCO at Nestpick, a Rocket Internet venture. My superpower: bootstrapping my way to the top and helping other women get out there everyday.

Carla Garcia

 Founder @ Femspire 

I´m currently a Head of Sales and Operations at a very early stage startup. My superpower is my people skills and charisma. I consider myself a born-leader and I love to be around people while coaching and developing them.

Janina Waschkowski

 Founder @ Nove 

I founded Nove, the maternity wear label with sustainably produced essentials for the modern mother to be. My superpower is my deep understanding of the modern mother's needs and how to found a company while having small kids.

Deepka Rana

VC @ Heartcore Capital 

I'm a VC looking for category-defining consumer companies. My superpowers are listening and picking up on vibes.

Saskia Meier-Andrae

Brand @ Wayfair

I am working mum Wonder Woman of the online Home & Living space. My superpower is to solve problems I have 0 initial knowledge on.

Kristine Zeller

 Co-founder @ Ooshi

I'm the co-Founder and CEO of ooshi GmbH. We produce and sell Germany's first period underwear. My superpower is I know how to get things done.

 Barbara Zeiss 

Founder @ Emerald 

I bring together fashion and social by spreading social issues in a new and interesting way. My superpower is my profound business mindset and creativity

 Delphine Mousseau 

Ex-VP @ Zalando

I am a business leader, able to fly high on strategy and dive deep in execution. My superpower is  making people blossom, by leveraging their own strengths.

Anne Geuther

I am a super positive venture development manager. My superpower is that I can always see some kind of solution! #glasshalffullattitude

Julia Morrongiello

I'm an investor at Point Nine Capital, an early stage venture capital firm. Our portfolio includes the likes of DeliveryHero, Revolut, Typeform and Zendesk. My superpower is identifying the next generation of unicorns and supporting them along the way!

Dora Petrova

 Founder @ FemGems

I'm the founder of FemGems and a value-driven designer and filmmaker. My super-power is coming up with new ways of doing things. I can get you out of your comfort zone and into the courage to follow your heart!

 Benita Krahforst 

I am a VC on the hunt for fast-growing consumer-facing businesses. My superpower is that I know everything about  direct-to-consumer and marketplace business models.

Molly Levinson

Growth @ Blinkist

I enable great organizations to succeed by focusing on growth, sustainable processes, and new ways of working. I have over 7 years of experience in Berlin startups including Blinkist, Rocket Internet, and GoEuro. My superpower is creative problem solving, and making things happen.

Mila Cramer

 VC @ Project A

As a VC, I'm specializing in education & travel as well as non-industry specific business software. My superpower is to keep a clear head in difficult times by putting things into perspective. Also, I'm always 100% honest.

Nandi Scherbl

 VC @ Signals 

I spend my days searching for and working with fantastic tech startups. My superpower is that I am an empathetic listener - enabling me to quickly understand and relate to the project being discussed.

 Maritza Bonano 

 Product @ Facebook 

I'm a passionate manager who's been in the Berlin startup scene for more than 6 years. My superpowers are focused on career development (go ladies!), product strategy, growth and data analysis.

Mariam Hakobyan

 Founder @ Softr 

I'm the founder of Softr, aiming to enable non-technical entrepreneurs build their products without engineers, in less than a month. Former Engineer & Head of Tech. My superpower is grit & resilience to solve difficult problems.

 Yoanna  Gouchtchina 

 Founder @ Kozhya 

I am a serial and passionate entrepreneur. My superpowers are my creativity and resilience.

Angelina Ebeling

Founder @ Acework 

I'm the founder of a new remote talent matchmaking platform. At acework, we believe in greater flexibility and happiness at work, which people should be able to do from anywhere. My superpower is flying.


 Founder @ Isla Berlin 

I am the founder of ISLA Berlin, an inclusive retail space and nail boutique. At ISLA you can come to shop streetwear, get your nails did, DJ or just hang out with our crew. My superpower is setting trends and a great understanding of our target audience; the young trendy woman.

Beth James

 Brand @ Factory

I am a passionate and driven brand builder, marketing specialist, culture advocate and meditation teacher. My superpower is being able to read minds! Not literally of course, but I am very empathic and sensitive to the needs of others :)

Kave Bulambo

Founder @ My Career Path

I am a venture idealist. My superpower is to detect business opportunities in most ideas, to the point where I have to sometimes stop myself. But, you know what Maya Angelou said about the light that shines from within? It cannot be deemed. That is my entrepreneurial light.


Founder @ We Maintain

I'm the Co-founder of WeMaintain, i.e using tech to empower mechanics and deliver a better service. My superpower is that I'm not afraid of anyone.

 Martina  Reiß 

 Founder @ 

After more than 7 years of building startups, I believe that a successful business relies on a strong and value-driven organization.  My superpower is to understand how things work together. Sometimes I am even able to look into the future.

Kelley Franklin

 Community @ N26 

I bring brands to life on social media. If I had to pick a superpower it would be the idea factory that is my mind. Creativity isn't just about making art, it's about reorganizing conventions to solve problems in new ways.

Diane Drubay

Founder @ We Are Museums

I am the founder of We Are Museums and I dedicated my life to the transformation of museums to become transformative agents. I can connect the unconnectable to create powerful creative ecosystems and see the potential of museums to save today' societies.

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