In the Internet era, the cards are being reshuffled 

Information and tools are directly accessible by all.
As a result, anyone can start their own project without asking for permission.
Anyone can learn how to become a profitable and independent entrepreneur.



But there is still one big barrier to taking action...

That inner voice. "Am I good enough to start a business on my own? Am I able to create something people want?"
At Goldup, we believe that confidence can be found and ambition can be taught. What matters the most is putting that first foot through the door!


Entrepreneurship is harder when you haven't been trained

At Goldup we know that, because we are women and entrepreneurs ourselves.
But biases won't change as long as they're used to blame others.
Let's take action and let's take care of each other.


With motivation comes magic: doing, failing, and growing

We don't care if entrepreneurship hasn't been our business for centuries.
We think that making money brings more freedom; that doing business brings empowerment. We bet that selling products online is a cool first step toward entrepreneurship.


Sisterhood, role models, and pragmatism are our best ingredients!

Helping each other, giving feedback, and doing it without judgment, that's the rule here. Experienced goldmothers are dedicated to making it happen, in a super cool way. They don't tell you what to do, they support you in doing it your way. And it feels so good to be surrounded by other dreamers, all ready to jump.

"Don't hold on
It's your holdup
Time to get it on
And join Goldup!"